12 Foods To Eat That Will Make Your Skin Look And Feel Younger

The skin is the packaging in which the human body comes in. And that means that when the cover is damaged or weak, the contents inside start to feel the effect of it. Our skin/face is also the first thing that people see, and no matter what we say about not judging books by their cover, it’s in the nature of a human being to evaluate or ‘judge’ a person by how they look at first glance.

Nobody wants to look older, and all of us want to stay free of skin diseases. And until the fountain of youth is discovered, our only option is to take of our skin. One of the ways to do this is by eating food that will help make your skin look and feel younger through their numerous health benefits. Here are 12 such fruits:

1. Bell peppers & Broccoli

Collagen is essentially the scaffolding that holds the bones, skin and other organs together in a human body. It is also responsible for renewing old skin cells, thereby keeping them young, firm, and supple. It also determines the elasticity of the skin, and helps you look younger by keeping wrinkle -free. Vitamin C, which is present in abundance in bell peppers and broccoli, helps increase the production of collagen. Eating about ½ a cup of cooked bell peppers or broccoli might be the answer to your prayers. It will help keep your skin free of dryness and age-related skin problems at bay.

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