35+ Surprising Uses For Everyday “Garbage” That You Didn’t Know About


As humans, we go through a massive amount of wastage every day. And as the number of us (humans) keeps increasing, so does the total mass of garbage piling up in landfills all around the world. Sadly, most of the garbage that accumulates today is the kind that does not easily degrade.

For instance, things like plastic bottles and baby diapers can take up to 450 years to decompose, while a glass bottle takes about a million years! That’s crazy to think about!

But apart from the impact on that our trash brings upon mother earth, it is also extremely expensive. Although these things that we throw away seem “cheap” or “worthless”, they can come in handy in many ways that you didn’t know of. By knowing the right way to put them to use, you can save yourself a lot of money over time, and although its impossible to eliminate waste – you can at least reduce it.

Here are 35+ surprising uses for everyday “garbage” that you didn’t know about!

1. Eggshells

1. Eggshells are great garden fertilizers as they are rich minerals and calcium. Just crush them up and scatter them in the soil every two weeks.

2. Crushed up eggshells are also great for keeping critters like snails, slugs, and worms from damaging your flowers.

3. Make a skin-tightening face mask by crushing up dried eggshells and whisking them with some egg whites.

2. Banana Skin

4. Rub the inside of a banana skin to soothe the itching from mosquito and other bug bites.

5. Banana is a rich source of magnesium, manganese, and potassium. This is why rubbing the inside of a banana peel on your teeth is known to help whiten teeth.

6. The peel of a banana can also be a great alternative for shoe polish. Just make sure to wipe with a clean cloth afterward.

3. Cereal Boxes & Other Disposable Cardboard

7. Make drawer or desk organizers by cutting them up into the appropriate sizes. You can also cover them in decorative paper to make them look oh-so-pretty!

8. They can come in handy when it comes to wrapping presents, because you can make gift bags, boxes, toppers, tags, and more from them!

9. Prevent the growth of weeds by placing water-soaked cardboard underneath the soil.

4. Old Magazines & Newspapers

10. Use them to make a multitude of DIY crafts. Just browse the internet and you’ll find plenty!

11. Old newspapers works better than cloth when it comes to cleaning windows and other glass surfaces because paper does not leave streaks.

12. Use old magazines or newspapers to wrap gifts for a fun and quirky way to present them.

5. Used Coffee Grounds

13. Coffee grounds can also be used as a natural plant fertilizer or for pest control.

14. You can repurpose your used coffee grounds as a natural cleanser to clean out the product build-up in your hair. Just shampoo and rinse as usual afterward.

15. Want to get rid of that rancid smell in your refrigerator? Just put used coffee grounds in a container and place it in the back of your fridge or freezer and the smell will disappear in about a couple weeks!

6. Disposable Plastic Containers

16. Use milk cartons or plastic bottles to water the roots of budding plants by drilling holes to the base and burying them. Fill them up with water to ensure the plant gets a slow and steady supply.

17. Use small containers like pill bottles or small jars to organize things like nails and screws or threads in your sewing kit.

18. Turn a plastic bottle into a container for your bags.

19. You can also turn a plastic bottle into a bird feeder with the addition of two wooden spoons. There are plenty of tutorials online.

7. Silica Gel Packets

20. Pop a couple packets of silica gel with a box of old photographs or important documents. This will help keep the moisture out.

21. Silica gel is non-toxic (although you shouldn’t be eating it), so you can use them to keep dry rations and grains from humidity or dampness. Just tape one to the inside lid of the container!

22. Soak silica gels in your favorite essential oil to make your own all-natural air freshener. The best part is that you can just repeat once the smell wears off!

8. Plastic Grocery Bags

23. Use plastic bags to line garbage cans; you don’t have to buy trash bags separately.

24. You don’t have to carry specialty bags to carry things like dirty laundry or wet clothes (swimsuits, etc.). Just pop a couple plastic bags and use them whenever needed!

25. Use crushed up plastic bags instead of Styrofoam balls or packing peanuts when transporting delicate items.

9. Miscellaneous Uses

26. Save Styrofoam containers that come with food to package your own lunch the next day.

27. Use paper egg cartons or toilet paper rolls to start seedlings.

28. Cut up old t-shirts and make crafts like necklaces, scarves, bags, carpets, or more.

29. Cut a torn bike’s inner tube into strips to make your own rubber bands.

30. Boil orange peels with cinnamon in a bit of water to make a natural air freshener, or fill them with beeswax to make a natural scented candle.

31. Use old makeup like lipsticks, nail polish, etc. as paints for crafting and DIY projects by heating and melting them.

32. Old makeup containers like lip balm bottles can be used to store homemade cosmetic and beauty products.

33. Old tin cans can be used to store leftover food in the fridge or for cooking in campfires, etc.

34. Make coasters with old CDs.

35. Use old light bulbs as ornaments by painting and decorating them. You can also fill them with water and make unique flower vases.

36. Don’t throw away the bones of things like poultry, fish, and meat. You can roast them in the oven or with a bit of oil on the stove and use them to make stock. They have an incredible amount of flavor!

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