7 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Feeling down is something that all of us experience at some point in our lives. When it seems like life keeps knocking you down, you start feeling bad about yourself. You see the people around you thriving and think “why I can’t be as smart/successful/beautiful as them?”
Well, guess what, you are! It’s just your self-confidence that’s taking a hit. Here are a few ways which can help you get you get your self-esteem back up. Remember: a confident you is a happy and successful you.

Stay Positive

Keep your thoughts positive. If the voice in your head is constantly telling you you’re a failure, that’s a big problem. One way to change your mindset is through positive self-talk. It might sound silly, but take a few minutes out of your morning to stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself positive things about yourself. This way, the next time you fail at something, instead of thinking “I’m good for nothing,” you’ll think, “it’s alright, I can try again.”

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

You are you; you are unique. That’s why it’s futile to try and measure your milestones against another person. There are people who have it way worse than you, but we tend to focus only on those above us. As humans, we all have our strengths and our weaknesses; and yours will be different to somebody else’s. And that’s fine. So stop comparing yourself to others and do the best you can.

Set Achievable Goals

Take it easy on yourself. Don’t set gargantuan tasks that you know you’ll find difficult to complete and then beat yourself up over it when you don’t. You are a human, not a machine. So, make sure the tasks and goals you set for yourself are actually achievable.

Celebrate Yourself

On the note of setting feasible goals, make sure you give yourself recognition when you do attain them. Even if it seems like a small thing to get done, if you put in the time and effort, give yourself a little celebration. You know it feels good to be recognized/celebrated, but that doesn’t mean it has to come from someone else.

Good Company

Surround yourself with good and positive people who make you feel good. If you are constantly around people who put you down and belittle you, you will end up mirroring their actions and opinions onto yourself. A good support system is key. Remember that those who stand with you during the hard times are the only ones who deserve to be by your side during the happy times.

Groom Yourself

Keep yourself well groomed, not for others, but for you. Staying fresh, clean, and well-dressed will make you feel like you’re on top of the world. It will make you feel ready to go on face the daily challenges with confidence. This doesn’t mean you have to be wearing tons of make-up, expensive clothes, and going through extensive beauty treatments. It just means take a shower, clip your nails, trim your beard, and wear clean and comfortable clothes.

Physical Activity & Good Posture

Believe it or not, exercising and staying physically active can actually make you feel good about yourself. Endorphin, a hormone that reduces pain and triggers happy feelings, gets released during exercise. Furthermore, if you maintain good posture, that also helps boost your self-esteem. Basically try and stand tall and proud, and you’ll end up feeling just that way!

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