11 Casual Things We Do Without Thinking About the Consequences

Life is a series of choices that we make. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the minute you close your eyes and doze off, you are making hundreds of choices throughout the day. We know that decisions and choices we make have consequences, but you’re probably thinking that if it doesn’t harm someone else, what’s the problem?

Hint: they might be harming you!

Small choices like what you choose to wear that day or what you have for breakfast may seem like they don’t count in the wider spectrum of things, but sometimes they do! While most choices are harmless, others that seem so end up actually affecting your health for the worse (and some of them we think we’re doing because they’re good for us!).

There are so many things we do and habits we have in our daily lives that we rarely give much thought to. They may seem simple and harmless, but in reality, can prove to actually cause quite a bit of damage to your health.

Here are 11 such habits that we need to need to start avoiding IMMEDIATELY!

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