8 Foods to Cut Out of Your Diet to Make You Look and Feel Younger

In any situation, the outcome will depend on the input. Your body’s the same. If you put into your body healthy, nutritious food, the effect will show. And you put in unhealthy, processed food that is bad for you, again, the effect will show. Some of the time, we end up fueling our bodies with junk, despite knowing that it’s not good for us. And other times, we might not be aware of the fact that what we are eating is not good for our bodies. Regardless, here’s a list of 8 foods that you should immediately cut out of your diet to make your look and feel healthier, and in turn, younger.

1. Fast Food

All of us are guilty of eating fast food, and all of us know that it isn’t good for us, and all of us push these thoughts far, far into the depths of our bottomless souls as we sink our teeth into that juicy, juicy burger or that crunchy, crunchy chicken. But in reality, fast food is one of the worst things that we can put into our body.

It Is FDA approved poison. it is full of trans-fats, which could cause many cardiovascular problems. It is also one of the main causes of obesity, in children and adults alike.

2. Processed Foods

Ahh… processed meats. Who doesn’t love a goop of mystery ingredients blended together and then shaped to resemble something remotely like it might be natural. Well, you shouldn’t, if you want to look and feel younger, because the high levels of trans-fat and carbohydrates, artificial ingredients, preservatives and additives are not going to do you much good. Did you know that large brands actually manage to get away without listing all the ingredients that went into making their processed foods?
Ditch it, I say!

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is more dangerous than drugs, killing nearly 88,00 people annually in the US alone. If you don’t believe that alcohol is bad for you and that it makes you look older, just imagine a person you know sober, and then imagine them drunk. They would have instantly gained 10-20 years. Of course, a glass of wine a day can be good for you, but you run the risk of addiction. And over time, hard drinking will take its toll on you, inside and out with liver disease, and dehydration of the skin that will cause wrinkles, redness, dry skin and many other diseases.

4. Energy Drinks

So, you love to work out, don’t ever miss your morning jog, or your Pilates class? If you are in the habit of going straight for your favorite energy drink right after, well, you’ve just undone all that hard work in a matter of gulps. Energy drinks contain insane amounts of caffeine and sometimes sugar, and not to mention the many mysterious, artificial “ingredients” that you’ve never even heard of! Too many energy drinks can also end up damaging the enamel in your teeth, even more than soft drinks! So, you definitely won’t be looking or feeling younger with yellow teeth!

5. Soft Drinks

Many of us don’t think twice before grabbing an ice-cold bottle of our favorite soft drink on a warm day. But if we could see through the brightly colored liquid at the amount of sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and the other astonishing stuff that was used to make it, we would run far away! Instead grab a bottle of water and gulp away without worries!

6. Sugary Dessert

Stop! Drop that brownie, I said drop it! Ok, so that might have been a bit dramatic, but desserts like cakes, brownies, cookies, ice cream – you name it, are full of sugar. And sugar is just empty calories, it does you absolutely no good. While it is true that sugar gives you an energy boost, it is usually temporary and the crash from the sugar high can be highly damaging to your metabolism. It can lead to much more fatal diseases in the future such as cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer.

7. Artificial Sweeteners

Many people who are aware of the harmful effects of sugar in our daily foods make the “smart” decision to swap them out for artificial sweeteners such as Splenda or Aspartame.
But how smart can it be to use a product that has the word ‘artificial’ in its name? They have been known to cause headaches, nausea, joint pain, and even cancer! So definitely not the “smart” choice if you want to look and feel younger!

8. Microwave Dinners

Although microwave dinners can prove to be a life-saver to the disgruntled employee who comes home late from work or that college student who doesn’t have much other way of a “home-cooked” meal, they are making the ultimate sacrifice in terms of their health. Microwave meals contain high levels of sodium, which can be responsible for water retention, puffy skin, and inflammation. They are also not exactly nutritious. So, if you want to look and feel younger, stay far away from them!