How Beauty Has Different Meaning In Different Countries

Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder. It is true and standard of beauty differ from country to country. However, here are some unusual aspects to call a woman beautiful.

Crooked Teeth

In Japan the crooked teeth is called as “yaeba” and people having such arrangement of teeth are considered highly attractive. Some have crooked teeth by birth while many others in the country have achieved it after visiting dentists. In Western culture straight line of even is mostly liked and not the crooked one.


Decorating bodies with scars may sound awkward by many, but for centuries this has been a good practice among some African communities including those living in New Guinea. Men get it during an initiation ceremony while the women receive those as an indication of their remarkable beauty.

Heart-Shaped Face

If you have been to South Korea any time, you would notice most of the women there undergo plastic surgery of their face. They want to make it heart-shaped, which is much appreciated in the country. Surgeon breaks the jaw bones into three smaller pieces to help clients achieve the shape. The central part is removed after the breaking of jaw bones and two other parts are fused to create a pointy chin. For sometime following the operation eating solid food becomes difficult.

Surgical Dressings On Face

Having noses fixed is looked as being wealthy in Iran. Plastic surgery is expensive and only rich people are considered to afford it. In fact many Iranians are okay to pay any price to get those noses fixed with rhinoplasty. Lately it has been seen people have started using plastering surgical dressings on their noses even without having a nose job to be in disguise of a wealthy man.

Pale Skin

Even though a pale skin is somewhat synonymous to European, but it is more in demand in China as well as Thailand. It is considered as highest standard of beauty. It is looked as being more attractive than others in these two countries.

Long Neck

The Kayan people in East Burma believe longer neck is more attractive. Women of the community wear brass rings around their necks and it is believed the neck looks more beautiful if it is long.


The true female beauty has a definition in Tajikistan and it refers to those women who have monobrows. People believe such eyebrow hints of great future too apart from making the face beautiful. However, the trend of beauty in today’s internet era is surely not the same and many may find it weird as hell.

High Forehead

The Fula tribe of Africa finds people with high forehead to be attractive and was considered as to be the most important attribute for a woman. To make themselves look beautiful many of the women of the community removed parts of their hair to get the look of longer foreheads.

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