Top Tips for Reducing Your Phone Usage

2. Control Your Notifications

All of us can probably agree that notifications are annoying, but unfortunately, also necessary. But this also means that all that effort you put into putting your phone down is ruined when your phone keeps buzzing every five minutes.

One thing you can do to combat this issue is by controlling your notifications. Many phones have the option to do this, or you can even download a specific app that will help you do that.

You can categorize your notifications into high priority (email from your boss, phone call from your spouse), and low priority (social media, news alerts, etc.). This way you’ll only be notified immediately when its high priority, and the rest you can deal with when you have some free time.

3. Track Your Screen Time

Many of us aren’t actually aware of how long we spend on our phones every day, so we think it’s other people who have the problem, and not us. Only cold, hard, facts can help us see the light. This data is now available on most latest smartphones, including the number of hours spent on your phone per day, how many times you unlocked it, etc.

Some even have the option of setting up reminders when you’ve spent a specific amount of time on an app for the day. Of course, these can be overridden but constantly being reminded of over-usage can help you tone it down over the long run.

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