10 Tips to Make Your Food Last Longer

These days, nobody has the time to go shopping for groceries and food items as they need it. Instead, we make a weekly trip to the supermarket and load our carts up with everything so we have it on hand when we need it. But once you get back home and put them away, sometimes we end up not using them soon enough and they can go bad. Here are 10 tips and tricks that you can try to make your food last and stay fresh longer.

Store milk in the freezer.

If you wish you could buy milk in advance to save some time, or already have too much to use up soon, don’t worry. You can keep it from going sour by storing it in the freezer for up to 4-6 weeks. Make sure to open up the seal and take some out, though, as liquids tend to expand when frozen.

Save egg yolks in an ice cube tray.

I hate wasting food, but when a recipe calls for just egg whites, there was nothing I can do with the yolks before they spoil. That is until I figured out that freezing them in ice cube trays with a dash of salt or sugar sprinkled over them will help them stay fresh and retain their texture once thawed.

Store sauces in freezer bags

When you’ve got leftover sauce, or you make a large batch when you have the time, so you can make a quick meal when you don’t, store it in portion-sized freezer bags. You can then just add the frozen sauce straight into your dish when you need to!