5 Psychological Tricks That Can Work On Anyone

Of course, we know that all human beings are different from each other, and unique in character. No two people are the same, but scientists have found that behavioral patterns can often emerge due to similar backgrounds, culture, language, race, gender and so much more.

There are certain things that most, if not all people have in common, and that is a subconscious reaction to the stimuli outside, like the famous “flight or fight” response. This is why there are a few psychological tricks you can play on anyone and get the same reaction.

You can use these tricks to learn something about another person, get them to do something for you, or simply just for fun. Try them out and let us know if any of them worked for you!

1. The “Yawn” Trick

Did you know that more than 50% of the time, if you see someone yawn, you’re subconsciously wired to yawn yourself? This is why its a great trick to use if you feel like someone’s watching you. Just let out a big ‘ole yawn, and if they yawn as well, you know that gut feeling was right!

2. The Over-ask

Do you need something from someone but are afraid that they might say no? What you should do instead is ask them for something that is way too much. So, for example, if you need to borrow 10 bucks from someone, ask them if you can borrow 50 bucks to buy groceries because you left your wallet at home. They’ll probably say no, but you can then ask them to at least borrow 10 bucks so you can at least get veggies for dinner tonight. They’ll feel bad for rejecting you once, and since this seems way lesser, they’re inclined to help you out.

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