7 Weight Loss Myths That Aren’t Helpful At All

We’ve all wished that we could lose a few pounds of body fat at some point in our lives. The problem is that although most of us desire it, we don’t actually feel like putting in the effort it requires. To achieve proper weight loss, we need to educate ourselves properly.

Most weight loss “tips” that you read on the internet or hear from your colleague actually just turn out to be myths. And these aren’t really helpful to those who are seriously thinking about losing weight. So, here are 7 weight loss methods and myths that aren’t helpful at all!

1. Crash Diets

We know, its nice to think that if you just try hard for a short period of time, you’ll see results quickly. But here’s a shocking twist: in order to lose weight in a healthy manner, you need to work hard for a long period of time. And over this time, you know what you shouldn’t even be thinking about? Crash diets! You might lose a bit of weight quickly, but trust us, it’s definitely coming back. A healthy meal plan and exercise will help you get there in a much better way. The climb might be steeper, but its definitely worth it!

2. Fat = Unhealthy

We’ve all had these thoughts of what if my weight will cause me to die sooner? Even those who are happy with their bodies have had these thoughts once in a while. Well, here’s the good news: all bodies are different, and having a few more pounds than you “should” doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to get sick or die. How a person is built depends on a variety of things, most important biology and genetics.

Don’t take this to mean that you can keep eating unhealthy, fatty, sugary foods and lead a sedentary lifestyle and expect your body to be in tip-top shape. But if you’re eating good foods and are physically active, it doesn’t matter how large or small you are because you really were made this way!

3. Gym Membership

Gyms promote a lucrative lifestyle where you go there after work to exercise and energize. And why shouldn’t they, it’s their job. But the sad truth is that most of us get a gym subscription and then just never go, which is just a waste of money! Here’s a secret: you don’t need to go to the gym to exercise. Most times, coupled with an appropriate diet, being a bit more physically active like walking more, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and doing your own housework is just as effective. And you can also exercise at home, without the need for fancy equipment or high-powered (and sugared) energy drinks!

4. Skipping Meals

On paper, it seems like a genius idea. I mean, if you just cut one meal out entirely, you’ll consumer less calories right? Wrong!

Food is the body’s fuel, so if you deprive it of what it needs to keep going and be energized, how do you expect it to do so? And that’s not all; since your hunger isn’t being fulfilled, when the time comes for the next meal, you’ll feel more tempted to eat unhealthy foods, because your body is craving for something to give it energy. Instead of skipping meals entirely, try and have smaller portions of food, and always make sure it is healthy and provides actual benefits and not just empty calories.

5. You Have To Eat To Lose Weight

I know, seems like a contradiction to what we said previously, but what we meant then is that you shouldn’t be depriving yourself of food when you’re hungry. You also shouldn’t be forcing yourself to eat when you’re not.

I know we’ve all heard people say things like “breakfast is king” or “eat smaller portions throughout the day”, but the truth is you just need to eat whenever you’re hungry, because that’s your body’s signal that its running out of fuel. And eat only until you don’t feel hungry anymore, not until you feel full to the brim.

6. Calories are Evil

Let’s talk about calories; specifically the fact that not all calories are the same. Calories that you gain when eating good foods is actually what your body needs to run, but they have to be the right kind. For example, protein calories are much better than fat or carb calories. Heck, not even all carbs are bad! So be mindful of what you eat and be informed about making food choices.

If you’re feeling a sweet craving, instead of gorging on candy, have some fruit (nature’s candy)! Both have sugar and calories, can you guess which one is better?

7. Just Eat Diet Foods

Foods with the name “diet” or “low fat” on the label aren’t always good for you. These food manufacturers have just one goal in mind: profit. They can only get this goal by making you buy their stuff, so they tell you whatever they think you’d like to hear. Many foods that are “low” in something will probably be high in something else, like sugar, or most definitely a bunch of additives and preservatives. If the label has to tell you it’s “healthy” it probably isn’t! Be smart when you’re going food shopping, always check the labels for the ingredients, eat natural foods as much as possible, and buy organic whenever you can.

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