6 Reasons to Add Garlic into Your Diet Every Day

I once heard an interesting theory about garlic, about why folklore suggests that it can be used to ward off monsters like vampires, werewolves, etc. It said that these monsters were a metaphor for the very real threats in our life such as infections and illnesses. Since garlic is so good for you, it can, therefore, be used to ward of said metaphorical monsters and that’s how the old belief came along.

I don’t how true that theory is, but I do know that garlic is a superfood that can turn anyone into superman (or woman). The miraculous healing powers of garlic can be seen through history from ancient civilizations right up to modern day.

But are you fully aware of all of the benefits and healing powers of garlic? Read on to find out why it’s good for more than just staving off attacks from the undead!

1. Garlic is the Food of Champions

From ancient Egyptians that built the pyramid to Romans and Greeks that fed garlic to Olympic athletes, soldiers, and sailors, there is a wide held belief that garlic is a performance enhancer. As for modern science, it seems to be still catching up with these powerful people as only recently have studies started finding out that garlic improves exercise performance and exercise-induced fatigue.

Furthermore, these studies found that garlic was a great aid to people with heart disease. A six-week course of garlic oil resulted in a decrease of peak heart rate and an increase in exercise capacity.

2. Garlic is an Infection Fighter

As we’d already mentioned above, garlic contains an abundance of medicinal properties, some of which have yet to be discovered by modern medicine as to why it even works. Garlic is rich in nutrients and is known to boost your immune system in general, but it can also help you fight off a cold or an infection stemming from virus, bacteria, or parasites.

Garlic can help the immune system prevent or fight against colds by about 63% In fact, garlic might be the only way to cut down the well-known customary seven days it takes for a cold to go away!

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