5 of the Most Unexpected Health Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

There are certain health tips that you hear from everyone that you already know work, like drinking more water or regular exercise. But then there are certain others that you might not have heard of that don’t seem to make a lot of sense. We’ve discovered some of the best of what appears to be “illogical”. Well, science is weird and these health tips really do work! Check out five such examples below.

Are YOU going to be bringing these into practice in your own life?

1. Hot Drinks Make You Feel Cooler

Come summer most of us switch from piping hot coffee to iced tea and cold frappucinos in an attempt to get our bodies to cool themselves from the inside out. But that’s not really how the human body works! What you need to do is drink a hot beverage instead.

What this does is signal to your body that it needs to sweat. Since sweat is your body’s natural defense mechanism against overheating, sweating is the most effective and healthiest way to cool your body/ A the sweat evaporates, it leaves your skin feeling a lot cooler.

2. Handwritten Information is Better Memory

Writing things by hand, using pen and paper (ugh!) almost seems like a thing of the past now that almost everything from high school notes to letters are typically typed. But did you know that you are more likely to forget information that you’ve typed compared to that which you’ve handwritten?

That’s right. Researchers at Indiana University found that handwritten information is easier to process and therefore stays in your memory a lot longer. They say this is because handwriting is slower than typing, during which time you’re looking directly at whatever your writing (instead of at the keyboard), and you have to consciously think and make an effort to form the letters and words.

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