7 Tips to Lose Those Extra Few Pounds and Keep It Off

There’s always a fad diet or something that goes around, and most of us are tempted by the promise of quick and effective results. And when we do try them, they tend to not work or at least not work as well as you hoped. In other cases, it does work and the weighing scale tells you’re a few pounds lighter than the last time you stepped on it, but wait- you forgot the rebound effect!

And no, that’s not a new theory of physics. But it is a bit similar to Newton’s third’s law, ‘to every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction’, that when you lose a bit of weight during a fad diet, you will put it back on, and then some more!

So, what do you do? Are you forever cursed to have to hold in that tummy when you’re in public? Fear not, as here are a few simple tips and tricks as well as a few alterations to your diet that will help you lose those extra pounds and keep them off, rebound effect be damned!

Embrace the philosophy that “less is more”

Although it may sound counter-intuitive to take shorter intervals between meals when you’re trying to lose weight, it actually helps! The trick is to make them smaller meals. Smaller, more frequent meals will help you satisfy your hunger and keep you energized, and you are less likely to feel like piling more food onto the plate at dinner time because you haven’t had anything to eat since lunch!

Plan your meals carefully, but don’t force yourself

Many people experience sever mental distress as well as physical side-effects when they chose to follow strict, unforgiving diets. Not only are you going to feel more tired, and like you have less energy to get through the day, as you are eating less food, you will also feel anxiety and stress. Be cautious and don’t stress yourself out too much, as this could even lead you to falling victim to eating disorders. If you feel like your diet isn’t working and the struggle is weighing on you, the best option would be to consult a professional and get a meal plan drawn up that is best suited to your body and its abilities and needs.