9 Foods To Stay Away From To Make Your Dreams Of A Flat Belly A Reality!

Raise your hand if you dream of having a flat belly, of getting rid of that bulge above your pants. Dreaming is all good, but losing weight and maintaining a fit body takes real work and commitment. Along with exercise, a balanced diet is also very important. Here’s a list of 9 foods that you need to stay away from so you can look in the mirror and feel satisfied that your efforts have worked out.

Soft drinks are the devil

‘First, they came for the alcohol, and now the soft drinks as well??’ is probably what you’re thinking. Unfortunately, yes, soft drinks are essentially just flavoured fizzy sugar water and as you would imagine, are high in harmful calories. They also tend to slow down your metabolism and create fat on your body, so definitely a no-no if you’re coveting that flat belly.

Put away the booze

Alcohol is dense in calories and calories aren’t ideal when you want to lose weight. But the main issue with alcohol isn’t even that. When you drink alcohol, your cognitive thinking becomes fuzzy, which is a good enough reason to stay away from alcohol in the first place, but it also makes you think you’re hungry, even if you aren’t. So, you end up cracking open a bag of chips with that cold beer. Calories on top of calories!

Don’t buy chewing gum

What’s wrong with chewing gum, it refreshes your breath and shouldn’t all that chewing make your mouth tired and keep you from eating more? Wrong! Constant chewing triggers your stomach into thinking that there is an incoming meal, causing the production of stomach acid as it gets ready for digestion, this in turn will make you hungry!