How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day If You’re Single AF

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, your omnipresent single-ness is bound to be at the back of your mind constantly. How are you supposed to get through an entire day of coming face-to-face with one lovesick couple after another? And let’s not forget the weeks leading up to the day are a literal nightmare!

Valentine’s day might be special if you have someone special in your life, but for those that don’t, it can be torturous. Unless, you know just the right way to spend the day so you can minimize the level of suck it brings. It might take a bit of imagination, but it’s certainly not impossible!

Here are a few creative ways in which you can “celebrate” Valentine’s Day if you’re single AF:

1. Throw A Singles Only Party

Valentine’s Day is a day that makes all the single people feel like they’re being left out of some elite club. So you should throw a single’s only party and invite only your single friends! You guys can have fun together and enjoy yourselves as singles without any commitments do. Wooho!

2. Enjoy Some Alone Time

Some of us choose to be alone, so if you’re single and not ready to mingle, enjoy your life and your independence by spending some much needed alone time. Going out will throw all those lovey-dovey couples in your face and that’s probably not something you want right now. Stay in, pop your favorite movie on, snuggle up in your comfiest pajamas, order your favorite food, and just relax.

3. Go on a Blind Date

But then there are some of us who are single and definitely ready to mingle. You might be longing for a relationship, someone to share your life with. Ask your friends if there’s someone they can set you up with or just go with good old online dating. Valentine’s day might seem like an odd day to have a first date, but think of how great of a story it would be to tell your kids someday… if it works out.

And if it doesn’t… oh, well.

4. Babysit

If you’re a little younger, you might want to use this opportunity to earn yourself a little extra money by babysitting the kids of those who are celebrating V-day. It’s a special day, so you might even get away with charging surge prices, because you know they’re desperate to find a babysitter and it would be near impossible to find someone else last minute.

Hey, you can’t help it if love costs, right?

5. Get Some Chores Done

It’s “Lover’s Day” to everyone else, but “Just Another Day”, to you. So stop wallowing in the things that are not and snap back to reality. Or maybe you don’t want to be with someone. In that case, good for you! You don’t have anything else to do, so why not get some chores done and make your life a little bit easier?

6. Bake Your Feelings Away

Is there any better therapy than sugar therapy? If you’re feeling sad that you’re all alone on Valentine’s day, why not bake your feelings away? It’ll give you a way to distract yourself, and the end result is a delicious baked good!

(And then you can eat you’re feelings away. Yay…)

7. Secret Valentine

The concept of a secret Valentine works the same way a secret Santa does. Gather up all your single friends, and draw names anonymously to get each other gifts. And on V-day, just pile ’em together so everyone can pick out the one with their name on it.

Everyone knows the best part of Valentine’s day is the present, so you get to have that anyway. And this way you can eliminate all the emotional baggage it comes with!

Man giving wife Christmas gift

8. Visit The Animal Shelter

Just because you’re alone, doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Fed up of the disappointment that humans bring you? Take yourself to the local shelter and spend some time with gorgeous animals! They definitely won’t tell you they’ll call in the morning and then conveniently lose your number.

Hey, who knows, maybe you might even find yourself a friend to take home with. And then you won’t be alone anymore!

9. Treat Yourself

You’re strong, independent person who doesn’t need another person to validate you. You also don’t need someone else to pamper you, you can do it yourself! You enjoy being single, so why should you let this day get you down?

If there’s been a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, take yourself there. You could invite another single friend to go with you. Want those V-day chocolates or that fluffy teddy bear at the supermarket? Guess what, you can buy it for yourself!

10. Spread The Love

Valentine’s day isn’t just about being with a romantic partner, it can also be about sharing your love for your friends and family. When you’re single is a great time to focus on these loved ones. Send them personalized cards, or little presents to let them know you love and appreciate them. Making others happy is sure to make yourself happy.

11. Have A Spa Day

Pamper yourself and spend some time having a grooming day. Take yourself to the spa, get a relaxing massage and let your troubles float away. Get yourself a mani and pedi. You’re nails will look on point, and it will give you something refreshing to post on social media! End the day with a relaxing soak in a bubble filled bath with scented candles, your favorite drink, and a good book. You could even sneak in a bit of retail therapy between appointments.

The best part is that you could do all this without even leaving your home, if you don’t feel like going out!

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