A Man Comes Across A Young Girl Lost On The Streets. What Happens Next Will Give You Chills!

A video of a social experiment was published on YouTube. The premise of the experiment was to figure out how people would react to a child who has lost her parents on the streets. Would they show compassion and try to help her, or be rude and dismissive?

In the video, we see young girl about nine years old go up to strangers and tell them that she’s lost her mom, and ask them if they could help her. Many of the strangers she approaches seem to genuinely care, offering her their cell phones to call her parents, and trying to help her find a way home, or calling the cops who will be best equipped to help the little girl. One man even offers her his MetroCard so she can take the bus or subway home!

But, as always, not everyone is that empathetic. The way a few of the people respond are downright appalling! One guy yells at her while another is too busy to get off his phone to help an innocent little girl who is lost. And as she sits by herself on the sidewalk with her back against the wall, many people walk right on by without a second glance, ignoring her calls to them. It devastates and disappoints me to see that this is where humanity has ended up!

But wait, the worst thing of all comes at the end of the video as a man comes up to her as she’s talking to an old man and grabs her hand, trying to lure her away, saying that he knew her mom and heard her calling out. Luckily, a few others intervene and one guy is smart enough to call the cops. When the cops arrive, they realize who this man was… let’s just say I’m thankful that others interfered and didn’t let him take the little girl away!

This video just reinforces an age-old lesson that we teach our kids, to never talk to strangers. Educate your children about what they must do if they were to ever land in a situation like this. Then hold you kids tight and hope with all your might that they stay safe always!

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