President Obama Ignores A Marine’s Salute, And Then This Happened…

On the way to boarding his helicopter, President Barack Obama walked past a marine who saluted him without acknowledging him back!

Critics of President Obama might be quick to jump to conclusions, saying he must have ignored the marine. After all, there were many Americans who were discomfited about the fact that President Obama had no prior military experience.

However, humans are prone to mistakes and distractions. And President Obama proved he is too a flawed human being when he walked past the marine without noticing him. Who knows what was going through his mind? As the POTUS, we can imagine there’s quite a lot going through his mind at any given time!

The silver lining to this incident was that he jogged right back the minute he realized his mistake. He shook the marine’s hand and the two shared a short conversation, after which, you could tell that there were no hard feelings. President Obama’s showing of respect to the soldier was completely heartwarming!

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