How to Plan a Party? Step-By-Step Party Planning Checklist


Want to have your friends and family over for a day of fun and memories, but you aren’t sure how to plan a party?
If you’re thinking you can just wing it, you’re wrong! A good party always needs a good planning and prep. You shouldn’t leave everything to the last minute, because that can ruin the big day. Or you might end up running around doing this and that during the actual day instead of having fun yourself.

Here is your step-by-step party planning checklist.

Step One: Basic Planning

The first thing you need to do is to establish the logistics of the party you are going to be throwing. These are:

  • Date
  • Location (indoors/outdoors, home, office, etc.)
  • Budget
  • Type of Party (professional, dinner party, birthday party, etc.)

Step Two: The Guest List

Now that you’ve got the basics sorted, it’s time to think about who to invite.

  • Determine number of guests based on the previously
  • established details (location, budget, etc.)
  • Draw up a guest list
  • Send out invites (these can the traditional type or just calling up your friends)
  • Get confirmations (either through RSVP or word-of-mouth)

Step Three: Pick a Theme

You’ve determined what type of party it was you were going to through in step one; now it’s time to pick a theme. It’s important to consider a few things when doing so:

  • Know your audience
  • Pick something that fits within your budget
  • How much time and effort is needed vs. how much time you have to dedicate to getting everything ready
  • Make it fun and interesting, no one likes a boring party

Note: If you’re just having a casual get together for friends, you might just skip picking a theme all-together.

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