Your DIY Guide To Thanksgiving – 25+ Ideas For Food, Decor, & Favors

If you’re someone like me – someone that loves to get creative and do things yourself – then holidays are your favorite time of the year because of all the fun DIY opportunities available. And lucky for you, there are plenty of awesome and creative ideas out there in the inter-verse, submitted by talented and creative people like you and I.

Well, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so get out your fancy paper and paint, or put on your oven mitts and get ready to craft and cook!


Here’s the deal, you probably already have your tried and tested recipes that your family makes and swears by. But trying new things runs in the blood of a DIYer. And how else would you know if something better was out there if you refused to even give it a try?

1. Easiest Salt-and-Pepper Turkey


Yeah, it’s easy. Yeah, the main ingredients are salt, pepper, and turkey. Yeah, it’s delicious!

2. Vegetarian Wellington


If you’ve got non-meat-eaters coming to your Thanksgiving dinner, this is the perfect filling dish for them. And what’s better, it’s vegan too!

3. Cheese Tray Turkey


A great thing to have laid out before the guests arrive so they can nibble on some cheese and crackers while the meal gets ready.

4. Spinach Puffs


This is a delicious side dish that you can add to your Thanksgiving dinner menu, and its a make ahead recipe too.

5. Mashed Potato Casserole


If you love mashed potatoes and casseroles as separate dishes, we can guarantee this will be your new favorite thing because it’s a combination of both!

6. Spinach-Artichoke Deep-Dish Pizza


Pizza for Thanksgiving dinner? Yes, please!


Let’s move on to what comes after dinner (when you’re probably already filled to the brim) – more food! Here are some awesome ideas for the sweeter side of things!

7. Turkey Leg Cake Pops


What a genius idea! On top of being super adorable and totally on theme, it’s easy to make for a crowd and can be prepared well in advance.

8. Rose Apple Tart


This elegant dessert is not only mouthwatering, it’s so gorgeous to look at (and surprisingly easy to make)!

9. Handprint Turkey Cookies


These cute cookies can even double as a place-card, so you can get two birds in one stone (get it?)!

10. Vegan Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake


Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds! Replace that regular pumpkin tart with this twist on a classic and wow your guests. (And yeah, it’s vegan!!!)

11. Reese Cup Turkeys


Cute, easy to make, and so delicious!

12. Turkey Cupcakes


Turkey cupcakes are a classic for a reason. Delicious cupcakes and cute decorations, what more could you need?

For The Kids

Make the holiday fun and exciting not just for the adults, but for the kids as well. Trust us, they’ll elevate your status to “cool (insert relative)” and look forward to spending all the holidays with you!

13. Turkey Cone Party Hat


This is the cutest party hat ever! And what’s better, you can get the kids to make it themselves before dinner so it can keep them occupied while you get everything ready.

14. Handprint Turkey Hat


This is another cute party hat idea that kids could make themselves.

15. Felt Turkey Crayon Holder


This is an awesome Thanksgiving gift to send the kids home with.

16. Thank-You Tree


This is a cute idea for décor, but also a great way to remind kids what the holiday really is about.

17. Thankful Turkey Book


Another Thanksgiving craft idea for the kids to make out of old cereal boxes, and be reminded of everything they have to feel thankful about.

18. Footprint & Feathers Turkey


There’s an abundance of handprint turkey crafts, but what about footprint turkey crafts?

Wall & Table Decor

The food looks and tastes amazing, but a bit of DIY can make the table and the setting behind it look incredible as well!

19. Simple Candle & Coffee Bean Centerpiece


This awesome DIY centerpiece proves that coffee beans aren’t just for grinding and drinking!

20. Crepe Paper Flower Centerpiece


This flowery centerpiece adds a soft touch to the table.

21. Neon Pinecone Placeholder


This super cute placeholder is a fun and unique way to incorporate a bit of fall nature into your dinner decor!

22. Scalloped Garland


This is a really fun wall banner that is colorful and makes an impact. It also makes a great backdrop for Thanksgiving family photos.

23. Thanksgiving Gold Corn Place Holders


These are another awesome place-card idea to class up the affair. If you didn’t want to put the guest’s names on the table, you could still make these golden corns to just decorate the table by themselves.

24. Pumpkin Vase


This pumpkin converted into a vase is a gorgeous centerpiece that is sure to impress your guests. And you can leave it up after Thanksgiving too.


So, you’ve just thrown the best Thanksgiving dinner, but you have to send the guests home with an awesome favor or they’ll forget about all your hard work too soon, right?

24. Thanksgiving Leftover Take-Home Bag


No more giving out leftovers in boring containers! These printables are really easy to make and give you a unique way to pack up extra food to send home with guests.

25. DIY Cards


These innovative and interesting cards are just ideas that can help inspire you – you can totally customize the design to make it your own!

26. Turkey Treats


An awesome and fun way to pack little candies that you can hand out to kids on their way home.

27. Spiced Nuts


This spiced nuts mason jar is a great Thanksgiving party favor to give the adults of the dinner party. It can also be customized to each person regarding flavors and what you write on it!

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