15+ Remarkable Images Of Fascinating International Borders

The world we live in is a diverse place full of interesting and complex people and places. It is fascinating to see how such people who are from different places interact with each other, and to see how countries connect and separate themselves from their neighboring nations.

Many of these places are connected by land, rivers, and/or oceans. Some borders of mainly demilitarized nations are guarded by military personnel and guards. Some of them are marked by a single line going through, streets, homes, and stores. A few of them are only separated using a simple road sign!

Nevertheless, they are all fascinating to see and a few of these places have landed a well-deserved spot on my bucket list! Check them out below. Which ones are your favorite?

USA and Mexico border.

Slovakia, Austria And Hungary.

Norway and Sweden

Netherlands and Belgium

Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Differentiated by their environmental protect laws.

Zip line connects Portugal and Spain

USA and Mexico

Macau drives on the left side of the road, Mainland China drives on the right

Argentina, Brazil And Paraguay

Denmark and Sweden

Sweden and Norway

Point where borders of Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium meets

Poland and Ukraine

USA and Canada

USA and Canada

North Korea and South Korea

North Korea and South Korea

India and Pakistan

India and Pakistan

Bridge separating Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

Bridge separating Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

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