A Homeless Man Was Given $100, What He Does Next Is UNBELIEVABLE!


The stereotypes placed on the homeless are mind-boggling. No matter the situation, the worst is assumed of them.

At the same time, not a lot of us are willing to help them out. Even if you are willing to help them out, there is always a nagging in the back of your mind wondering whether the money that you give them will be used to fuel their drug and alcohol habits instead of being used for something that is actually necessary. How did we arrive at this stereotype?

Well, one man decided to put this stereotype to the test, and find out just what happens when you give a homeless person money. He gives a homeless man a hundred dollars and then follows him around with a camera. Watch the video to see how the homeless man spent his money.

Wow! Well, I don’t think that would have been what anyone expected. He really did touch my heart. Even though he himself didn’t have much, he wanted to share what he did with others. It truly is a story of true compassion and caring.

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