5 of the Most Unexpected Health Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

3. Anti-Bacterial Soap is Actually Worse

Most of us use anti-bacterial soap in an attempt to get rid of all the germs in our body. But there’s no actual evidence that these soaps are beneficial. In fact, the human body contains certain types of bacteria that are actually good for us, and antibacterial soaps cannot distinguish between those and the bad kind.

In any case, all soaps are effective in getting rid of the extra bacteria that has accumulated. And recent studies have suggested that triclosan, one of the major ingredients in antibacterial soap, can lead to health risks such as bacterial resistance and hormone disruption in the long term. Which means, not only are anti-bacterial soaps unnecessary, they are actually worse than the regular kind!

4. Don’t Brush After Eating

It’s a common piece of advice that you hear, to brush your teeth immediately after a meal to make sure that all the leftover food particles are removed. But actually, doing so can lead to the opposite of the desired effect and actually weaken them.

When we eat, particularly in the case of acidic foods such as tomatoes, citrus, coffee, soda, etc, the food can soften the tooth enamel. And when you brush directly afterward, it can speed up the acid’s effect your tooth enamel as well as corrode the dentin layer underneath.

This can lead to problems such are sensitivity, discoloration, and chipping or cracking of the tooth. Therefore, dentists recommend waiting at least 30-60 minutes after a meal before brushing them.

5. Drink Coffee Before A Nap

It might seem like a nonsensical idea to drink coffee before trying to sleep, but in the case of a short nap, it can actually help you wake up more energized than groggy! This was proven by a study conducted recently in Japan that found that those who consumed about 200 mg (similar to 1-2 cups) of coffee before laying down for a power nap felt more refreshed when they woke up than those that didn’t.

The way it works is that caffeine clears your brain of a fatigue-inducing chemical called adenosine, but these effects only start working after about 20-30 minutes after you consume it – the perfect amount of time for a power nap! The nap itself will also clear some of the adenosine, but the caffeine speeds up the process.

But be warned, do not try this before going to bed at night!

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