15 Nostalgic Things That 90s Kids Grew Up Doing

4. Pac-Man

Video games have been taken to another level in this modern age, but none of them can give me as much joy (and anxiety) as this game. Pac-Man was available on all video game players, arcades, and no one could get enough of them!

5. Cartoon Network

Rushing home from school so you could be on time to catch your favorite shows on Cartoon Network is something we were all familiar with. Hey Arnold, Rugrats, The Wild Thornberry’s, The Powerpuff Girls… these were just few of the epic shows that we watched.

90s cartoons are the best cartoons ever – and I’ll fight whoever disagrees with me!

6. Portable CD Player

Back in the day, it was the highlight of the year when my parents bought me a portable CD player. These were the “modern” version of a traditional walkman. Sphere-shaped, lightweight, and swanky – they were the status quo. I used to protect that thing like the most precious equipment I’d ever seen – and at that point, it was!

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