6 Surprising Habits That May Affect Your Vision

3. You’re Skimping on Berries

All kinds of berries are high in antioxidants and provide essential nutrition for eyesight health. Research conducted at the University of Massachusetts Medical School found that there was a decline in night vision due to oxidative stress in people who did not eat enough berries.

Pick whatever berries are in season and chomp away, but if you are able to find the lesser-known variety called bilberry (a close cousin of the humble blueberry), don’t miss out on grabbing some because these are known to be the best for improving night vision.

4. Your Acne Meds Are To Blame

If you’re taking medication for acne, and you’ve been noticing some issues in your eyesight, there just might be a correlation between the two, according to a study in the Lens and Eye Toxicity Research journal.

The study states that a prescription-only acne medication called Isotretinoin (the generic name for 13-cis retinoic acid) increases the amount of UV light absorbed into your eyes. This could lead to macular damage as well as night vision decline.

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